What Happens to CRaPped Out Products?

If you’ve lost control of unauthorized retailers selling your products on Amazon, you’ve probably had a few, “Oh, crap!” moments—although, “Oh,...

What to Do If You Have Gray Market Sellers Breaking MAP

Where’s the MAP? No, we don't mean Dora the Explorer’s talking, overly self-exuberant map. In the eCommerce world, MAP is an acronym for “minimum...

I'm Bargaining Too Often With Retailers: Why You Need to Fight Margin Erosion

You sell a shirt at $34 in your brick-and-mortar stores. Customers go in, find one they like, and all seems well—until they price-check the shirt...

What Is Amazon DSP and How Does it Work?

Hoping to expand your advertising reach? Amazon's new demand-side platform (DSP) may be the answer.

Improve Your Search Rankings Through SEO

Many brands have mistaken notions about best SEO practices and, unfortunately, it can cost them. 

Amazon Moves Closer to Customers With New ‘Counter’ Pick-Up Service

One of Amazon’s biggest challenges has been how to find its way into brick-and-mortar retail without the massive expense involved in setting up...

Keep Brand Integrity: Scale Your Distribution

In the old world of commerce, distribution was just the way you got your products to market. Where your products ended up—and what they ended up...

Amazon Is Testing a New 'Top Brand' Badge: What It Means for Sellers

If you're a fashion seller on Amazon, listen up.

Pattern Ranks No. 2 in Utah's Fast 50

Utah Business magazine recognized Pattern as the No. 2 fastest-growing company in Utah for their annual Fast 50 recognition program. 

3 Keys to Grow and Optimize Your eCommerce Sales

Imagine a consumer browsing products in your brick-and-mortar store. They may peruse a few items, glance at a few price tags, and leave before you...


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